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Founded on principles that last

Our ownership founded SG in 2004 based on a simple philosophy; communicate, adapt & innovate. We beat our competition by being truthful, and not following the crowds. Our network is built from the ground up. We use only the best, so you get the best.

Managed Tech Services

We’ve designed a culture that allows our stewards to deliver, despite complexity.

Infrastructure Focused

Cabling, termination, and technology enablement is what we do daily.

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Experience unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Why SG?

Our field service solutions are the backbone enabling your business's success. With SG, you can rely on a robust, technology-enabled partner tailored precisely to your needs. Our experienced field engineers have spent decades building advanced, efficient on-site networks that empower companies to reach their full potential. We stay on the pulse of the latest advancements so we can make strategic recommendations that drive future growth.

The proof lies in our 98.9% first-time fix rate across thousands of dispatches. We proactively monitor deployments, addressing vulnerabilities before they disrupt operations. Trust us to provide seamless support, handling fluctuating demands while positioning you for sustainable success. Should issues arise, our 24/7 rapid response team can quickly diagnose and dispatch additional resources within hours.

When field operations are vital for victory, you need a partner intimately familiar with on-site infrastructure deployment and support. SG provides powerful yet flexible solutions, robust yet agile — the right choice to maximize productivity and maintain a competitive advantage. Work with us for future-proof field services that meet your business needs today while enabling expansion for tomorrow.

What truly sets us apart is our relentless commitment to building trusted partnerships in the field. While other companies focus mostly on technology, we pour our energy into finding, vetting, and integrating the right field service partners into our network.

Our rigorous screening process and emphasis on shared values ensure we only work with field partners as dedicated to service excellence as we are. We take time understanding our partners' capabilities and customers' unique needs before carefully orchestrating a customized collaboration. With established trust on both sides, we can integrate our field partners' expertise into your operations for greater success.

The result is field service you can depend on. Our strategic alignments grant you access to an expansive, yet tailored network of verified field talent meeting your specific standards. This promotes operational consistency as well as allows us the ability to deliver specialty offerings others just can't accomplish. With field partners we know and trust, you reduce risk, maximize technician utilization, and gain industry-leading field support driving your success. While technology has its place, no software can replace genuine trust between partners. This belief in the human element is our key differentiator.

With offices in Atlanta, Nashville, and New York City, our reach extends across the US and into major Canadian metro areas. We provide service in over 40,000 ZIP codes, ready to support your business wherever growth takes you.

Our expansive presence allows us to deploy talent and technology in multiple locations simultaneously. We seamlessly scale our operations in tandem with your expanding needs. Our nationwide infrastructure empowers rapid, responsive support from coast to coast.

At our core, we understand retail and the need for flexibility. That's why we offer dedicated, traveling service crews ready to go above and beyond. When circumstances require boots on the ground, our techs will travel to deliver solutions - not just remote troubleshooting.

With decades of retail experience, we know what it takes to keep stores running. From regular maintenance to unexpected emergencies, no service request is too large or too small. Our experts have genuine passion for the retail and enterprise world.

Partner with us for tailored nation-wide field services designed for how modern retail and enterprise operates. Our reach, responsiveness and dedication to hands-on support allow you to focus on your growth.



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