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EMV, NFC, MagStripe and PinPads

Ensure seamless credit card transactions or ATM functionality with our expert payment terminal installation services. Beyond mere device connection, our professional installers specialize in enabling integrated systems tailored for reliability, security, and regulatory compliance. We involve ourselves in the failover mechanisms and establish secure encrypted networking for payment system endpoints, providing you with peace of mind that your business's revenues are backed by a setup that guarantees connectivity, uptime, and security.

Beyond deployment, we can handle complex tasks like key injection, pre-staging, configuration and test transactions. We also run maintenance dispatching whereby Team SG can keep your payment terminals or cash dispensers operating. 

When your business depends on smooth, uninterrupted processing of credit card transactions, expertise in deployment is indispensable. More than just plugging in terminals, a professional payment systems installer understands compliance, security, networking and encryption.

Payment Experts

We understand the everything from key injection to physically mounting payment terminals

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Is my solution handled by SG?

We work with nearly every major OEM and enterprise technology solution. There's a great chance we've already handled a project of similar size and scope. Let us hear your needs, and we promise we'll let you know if there's anything outside of our wheelhouse.

Both SG and our network of resources carry numerous certifications and credentials. Our business model is to find you the resources you need, so if we don't have someone, we will vet and qualify someone prior to accepting the project.

We work in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as major metros in Canada. Give us a call; you'll be impressed with our ability to show you our coverage map.

We work on large rollouts as well as massive single-site deployments. Give us a chance to understand your needs, and we will communicate our capabilities and limits. Chances are, we've got a solution to fit your needs.