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Ready to engage Team SG?

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Storage, Computing, Peripherals & Print

At SG we're deploying, maintaining, or upgrading business electronics daily. We understand the need for dedicated experts poised to deliver. This means preparation, computer imaging, in-field data migration, drive swaps, monitor placement and managed print services.  We specialize in the seamless deployment of cutting-edge computer systems and peripherals. Our commitment extends beyond the initial setup; we thrive on maintaining and optimizing your electronic ecosystem to keep pace with the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Regular check-ups, updates, and fine-tuning ensure that your systems operate at peak performance, promoting a longer TCO and ROI on your investments.

When it comes to upgrades, envision a future where your field partner is always one step ahead. Our experts leverage their extensive knowledge to extend your IT presence from HQ to local branch, ensuring you're equipped with the latest innovations without any of the headache.  Onsite IT personnel has become a thing of the past.

In a world where technology is the heartbeat of businesses, choose Team SG for a journey filled with excitement, preparedness, and unwavering support. Your electronics deserve the best, and we're here to make every moment electrifying!

Business computing is as vast as an ocean in today's world. SG has smarthands and specialists that can handle peripherals of all varieties as well as NAS, SAN, desk-side support and MPS.

Computing Experts

Managed Print, NAS, SAN or USB. We live and breathe peripherals.

Enablement Wizardry

Mount, Power, Image or Config. We'll get your electronics working where needed.

The SG Promise

  • To be honest in all our dealings
  • To empower our teams through innovation
  • To avoid failure with proper planning and contingencies
Is my solution handled by SG?

We work with nearly every major OEM and enterprise technology solution. There's a great chance we've already handled a project of similar size and scope. Let us hear your needs, and we promise we'll let you know if there's anything outside of our wheelhouse.

Both SG and our network of resources carry numerous certifications and credentials. Our business model is to find you the resources you need, so if we don't have someone, we will vet and qualify someone prior to accepting the project.

We work in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as major metros in Canada. Give us a call; you'll be impressed with our ability to show you our coverage map.

We work on large rollouts as well as massive single-site deployments. Give us a chance to understand your needs, and we will communicate our capabilities and limits. Chances are, we've got a solution to fit your needs.