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Wiring, Termination, Splicing, Penetration, Conduit, Certification, Testing, Cross-Connect

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Scheduling, Labor Management, Logistics, Deliverable Administration, Turn-up


Survey, Materials, Freight, Orchestration, Maintenance, Warehousing, Patching

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switch and router

Ethernet, Fiber, Telephony & More!

Empower your networks with the strength of our enterprise cabling expertise – the linchpin of seamless connectivity. With an unwavering focus spanning two decades, our CommScope certified teams are dedicated to tailoring and professionally installing a comprehensive range of wired solutions. Addressing specialized performance, bandwidth capacity, distance, and environmental needs, we intricately weave together the backbone and every branch circuit within offices, campuses, retail spaces, or warehouses.

Our meticulous approach begins with a thorough survey of the terrain and usage plans, allowing us to craft structured ethernet or telephony wiring schemes that minimize future disruptions. Precision is paramount in our work – termination and testing at every connection ensure longevity and resilience, supporting multi-gigabit transmission across copper and fiber links, especially for Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices. We easily venture into the realm of voice, video, and data convergence over IP. Our end-to-end services encompass certified resources and pathway preparation.  With SG you'll be poised for the latest PoE switches and unified communications gear. When it's time to move or consolidate, we label judiciously to facilitate a smooth transition, and our audit, rewire, and topology optimization services ensure your infrastructure remains at its peak.

Elevate your connectivity project with our expert structured cabling! We're not just specialists; we're an extension of your IT team. SG is tailoring, professionally installing, and supporting voice/data infrastructure for the biggest customers in the US. We ensure you're ready for today's demands and future agility, safeguarding your network investments!

Copper & Fiber Competence

Pull, Terminate, Splice, and Certify.  We live and breathe infrastructure build-out.

Data & Telco Maestros

Analog & Digital excellence, delivered through licensed professionals.

The SG Promise

  • To be honest in all our dealings
  • To empower our teams through innovation
  • To avoid failure with proper planning and contingencies
Is my solution handled by SG?

We work with nearly every major OEM and enterprise technology solution. There's a great chance we've already handled a project of similar size and scope. Let us hear your needs, and we promise we'll let you know if there's anything outside of our wheelhouse.

Both SG and our network of resources carry numerous certifications and credentials. Our business model is to find you the resources you need, so if we don't have someone, we will vet and qualify someone prior to accepting the project.

We work in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as major metros in Canada. Give us a call; you'll be impressed with our ability to show you our coverage map.

We work on large rollouts as well as massive single-site deployments. Give us a chance to understand your needs, and we will communicate our capabilities and limits. Chances are, we've got a solution to fit your needs.