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Fixtures, Kiosk, Vending & More

Deploying advanced kiosk-based systems takes experienced field technicians with specialized skills. Our assembly and enclosure teams comprise hardware experts focused exclusively on physical enclosures - from interactive kiosks to sleek fixtures and beyond. No assembly is too complex for our skilled crews accustomed to handling sensitive components and precision fittings. We flawlessly install any hardware innovation while safeguarding aesthetics and functionality. With rapid on-site assembly, precision configuration, complete integration testing, and ongoing maintenance packages, we enable you to swiftly transform spaces with retail fixtures that delight customers. Whether rolling out future-forward EV charging stations, converting ATMs to cutting-edge self-service, or outfitting self-service point of sale systems, our installation talents breathe tangible life into your ambitious visions. Trust us to manifest everything that's involved with getting your enclosure, kiosk, fixture or furniture onsite.

Blending equal parts art and engineering, our kiosk techs are masters at building, seamless at commissioning, and have intuition about construction that unlock the full customer-wowing potential of self-service.

Assembly Specialists

Anchors, conduit, power and electronics.  All things we speak fluently.

White-Glove Ready

JIT delivery is just the beginning. Team SG knows how to commission kiosk solutions.

The SG Promise

  • To be honest in all our dealings
  • To empower our teams through innovation
  • To avoid failure with proper planning and contingencies
Is my solution handled by SG?

We work with nearly every major OEM and enterprise technology solution. There's a great chance we've already handled a project of similar size and scope. Let us hear your needs, and we promise we'll let you know if there's anything outside of our wheelhouse.

Both SG and our network of resources carry numerous certifications and credentials. Our business model is to find you the resources you need, so if we don't have someone, we will vet and qualify someone prior to accepting the project.

We work in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as major metros in Canada. Give us a call; you'll be impressed with our ability to show you our coverage map.

We work on large rollouts as well as massive single-site deployments. Give us a chance to understand your needs, and we will communicate our capabilities and limits. Chances are, we've got a solution to fit your needs.