SG Networks Focuses on Key Market Drivers to Propel Service Growth and Infrastructure Deployment

Our commitment to staying ahead in technology infrastructure needs is unwavering

Our business derives directly from the technology demands in-field. This means we have to be 3 steps ahead of what our customers will need tomorrow. This is why SG has doubled down with market drivers, creating partnerships and alliances that give us a glimpse into what is coming. By understanding how these advancements will impact networks, technology infrastructure and in-field device deployments, SG is going to offer lines of service that directly address what our customers are in search of. 

Time with Google and AI

SG Network Services recently participated in a market research study focused on Google Gemini for Workspaces. Through direct engagement with Googlers, we gained valuable insights into how Gemini will influence enterprises. We had the opportunity to preview upcoming advancements and understand the key use-cases driving adoption. Our on-site interactions with the sales and marketing teams further enriched our understanding of these AI tools. By collaborating closely with industry leaders like Google, we gain unique perspectives on technology deployment and adoption. SG is committed to leading the way as a premier AI infrastructure business, leveraging these insights to stay at the forefront of innovation.

"The only way for us to know how new technologies impact our customer's sites is by understanding their problems 1st-hand. Our initiative to live their life in-advance gives us unique knowledge and skillset that will directly inform the solutions we bring to market. If I were a business reliant on my technology infrastructure, I'd pick SG. No one else is taking this approach."

- Tom Roberto, CTO of SG Network Services

Understanding Customer Experience

SG has created an alliance with CXFormula informing us as to what business owners are trying to design, in-store, for customer journeys and experiences. These mindscapes give us purview into the future demands on mobility, OTA analytics and connectivity. The investment in time learning about CX and the business discussions happening in these meetings, give us a unique advantage to not only understand what's coming, but making suggestions to customers who might need help along the way.

Content Automation Radically Shifts Attitudes

Digital signage and programmatic buying has driven momentum in the DOOH space for decades. Partnering with MailChimp and Constant Contact gives us a forward look at how digital marketing and content trafficking systems might perform...go-forward.  These insights have radically shifted our offerings so that they pair with the demands of these automation workflows. By understanding the technology stack needed to make content automations work, we've shifted our focus to the hardware partners designing for what's to come in the next several quarters.

Finance Transparency and Analytics Revamp

SG's completely revamped our finance tech-stack to account for projects we have in our pipeline.  Our focus is to automate, simplify and integrate our finances so that we're able to implement next-gen experiences for our customers as it pertains to billing and customization. We've learned how FinTech has evolved from connections within Deloitte. These partnerships have allowed us to implement all new technologies quickly, and at a bare minimum corporate tax. Our ability to pivot and customize is second-to-none in the deployment and infrastructure space.

We're proud of the steps taken to leapfrog competition in our space. We think we're aligned to make our customer's experiences nothing short of amazing. We are living their life and pushing the limits only previously available to VARs, resellers, OEMs and integrators. Our model gives us the ability to simplify and remove complexity, making things easier for companies wanting an informed partner that is cost competitive.