Can we accomplish the SOW successfully?

Project rollouts may spur excitement about groundbreaking capabilities but can also be filled with unpredictability and risk. Seamlessly taking solutions to full deployment requires masterful coordination. It needs extensive planning regarding methodology, sequencing, and risk mitigation to transform vision into reality.

We have honed rollout management into an art and a science encompassing every phase – from scheduling to quality assurance. Our coordinated launching process aligns business objectives with technical, operational, and stakeholder requirements for a holistic approach. With our nimble team collaborating across strategy, delivery, and transition, we focus simultaneously on product polish and evolving end-user needs.

The bottom line? We seamlessly guide projects from pilot to rollout while preempting challenges that undermine outcome. Our rollouts will change leadership opinions on how technology can be installed at your locations. The proof lies in our track record – flawless launches enabling business transformation.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Results Oriented Partnership

SG was built to ensure your technology solution wasn’t the limiting factor on whether it could be rolled out.  We handle the most complex infrastructure and technology solutions in-market.  We focus on the outcome and results.  Unlike others, we’re not selling time, we’re selling a result.

  • Focused on Completion
  • Tactical Quality Oriented
  • Simple and Streamlined

Project Rollout


We have all the necessary resourced to find the right person local-to-site at any quantity of sites. We understand field resourcing extensively.

SG can ensure we get people, parts and tooling to site JIT ensuring the job begins on-time and isn't plagued with logistical issues.

Prior to arrival we speak to every field resource ensuring they understand what is expected. If training is required, we make use of video and learner management systems that will educate as well as evaluate to ensure our resource is the right person for the job.

While the program is running, SG will have a team of people running a control tower for your project. This means constant review, communication and involvement throughout the rollout. 

If help is needed, we have dedicated resources available, ensuring simple problems aren't finding their way back to you.  We're the front line of defense, so you don't have to be.

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