Can we accomplish the SOW successfully?

This is the question we ask when involved in the planning of your IT project. SG Network Services has a suite of capabilities to aide in your planning process.  Let us help scope, cost, engineer, risk assess and procure what's needed, alongside your teams.  We can act as an extension of your team, giving them far more capability then acting on their own.  Not sure what's needed? Let us help.  We've had decades of experience that would benefit your as soon as we see what you're planning to do.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Planning with Experience

SG has completed a multitude of projects, both large and small.  When engaged during the planning phase, we can ensure your IT project is setup for success, before the first pilot.  Make use of our experience, and get a better result.

  • Economy of Scale
  • Planning for Completion
  • Designed to Avoid Pitfalls

Project Planning


We can help scope a project BEFORE it's sold, to ensure you can deliver what you've promised.

SG can help cost your IT project during the planning phase, so that budgets are more accurate, with contingencies built-in.

We have a unique economy of scale, which allow us to make engineering recommendations that might help alleviate difficulties during implementation or rollout.

Concerned about feasibility? We can perform risk assessments prior to a quote, allowing you to design a program that has no possibility of change orders later.

Sometimes, on-demand purchases make more sense. This is why we can provide materials and certain procurement options giving you the most flexible method of getting everything needed onsite.

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