The SG Pilot Program

In a world of uncertainty, successful innovations require trial-and-error. Jumping straight into full-scale implementations can be precarious when unknown variables exist. Enter the SG pilot program.

Pilot programs are small-scale test environments to assess feasibility and uncover flaws before broader rollout. Think of them as test drives before purchasing – kicking the tires in a low-risk setting. Our team will design streamlined iterations of your service program centered on critical components rather than comprehensive executions.

These programs produce quantitative learnings, end-user insights, and process refinements at a fraction of the cost. Adjustments are made in real-time, evaluating viability and reducing downstream risks. It's about flexibility; placing safe bets during discovery versus going all in during a launch.

With a methodical approach, our customers can maximize upside potential. Pilot programs allow strategic iteration, ensuring readiness before significant investments are made. While launching can be exhilarating, restraint and evaluation set the stage for operational excellence. For game-changing ideas, a test run can ultimately take you to new levels of success.

Trials are not meant for failure, but to see how far we can fly

How are SG Pilots Different?

Our teams involve both project managers and field engineers so that the technology and process are evaluated.  We have professional who have run pilots in nearly every retail or enterprise environment.  

  • W2'ed Engineering
  • Regular PMO Touch-Points
  • Tightly Managed Field Resources

Pilot Programs


SG has a team of field engineers dedicated to trials. We feel we learn so much from having our own people onsite the first time we see a project.

During the pilot phase, we will often make changes and modifications to the program, ensuring we're learning from each hiccup or delay.

Often times, we need to modify the SOW and add steps or revise what's given to the field, we play an enormous part in this review and technical documentation.

Towards the end of the pilot, we will have a finalized training covering everything we've learned ensuring future visits are well informed.

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