Do we have documentation and signoff?

Whether implementing new technology or completing large-scale infrastructure builds, the project closeout process is vital for operational success. Seamlessly transitioning freshly completed projects into the overall business requires meticulous documentation review and transfer protocols. But all too often, teams scramble to wrap up final tasks in a hastily wrapped bow, leaving gaps that threaten adoption and the ability to onboard to network ops.

We approach project closure as the launch pad — not the finish line. Our closeout management aligns stakeholders to formulate plans ensuring output optimization, knowledge transfer, and accountability at scale. With rigorous audits of documentation, operating procedures, system health validations, and user testing, we verify everything is primed for go-live and onboard of future administrators.

What's the SG difference? We enable capability by cementing post-project best practices into your teams’ muscle memory. Our project closeout framework spotlights continuity planning as the game-changing advantage driving returns on investment. Let us energize your enterprise for massive change...and what comes after we leave site.

Documentation is a love letter you write to your future self

SG understands day 2 needs

When we’re involved in a project, you’ll see a massive difference in the ability to real-time onboard technologies and end-points.  We understand day 2 support, and look at the documentation as a way to get there easily. 

  • Fully Hosted for Easy Access
  • Geared Toward Imagery
  • Interlocks w/ Accounting

Paperwork & Close-Out


SG will always have an identified process for project close-out and documentation.  We look at this as an opportunity, not the finish-line. Documentation is just as important as what happens onsite.

We have a diverse tech-stack that can get you access to pictures, sign-offs, technical details and network info. Our ability to flex with your team, in your workflow is second to none.

Our invoicing process is tied to our ePOD, meaning you'll never be billed unless we provide documentation and close-out information.  We also invoice according to a strict purchase order regimen.  This ensures you aren't left wondering what you're paying for.

Part of our responsibility is to ferry the details.  This is why we host deliverables long enough for you to access them, download or archive the info.  Our entire tech-stack is cloud based, giving you the most flexible and robust solution in-market.

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