Sandi Rajda

Hi, I'm Sandi Rajda.

Director, Technical Services

Architect and implementation expert specifically within infrastructure, hardware and core platforms projects. Innovative engineer ready to enhance performance, scalability, and reliability using in-field technologies and automation.  Responsible for the development and review of proposals, pricing and all MEP customer needs. 

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Sandi Raja leverages over 20 years of hands-on systems engineering experience in his role as Director of Technical Services. Beginning his career as a field technician, Sandi gained valuable expertise installing, troubleshooting, repairing, and upgrading equipment ranging from sensors to industrial control systems.

Progressing to an engineering management position, he’s led teams in assessing legacy infrastructure and architectures, identifying improvement opportunities, and guiding large-scale modernization efforts. Known for his methodical yet imaginative approach, Sandi has been instrumental in transitioning complex facilities to more advanced automated and remote monitoring systems.

As Director, Sandi now oversees technology implementations across the organization’s operations centers and field logistics groups, nationwide. This involves directing feasibility studies for major upgrade initiatives, authoring detailed technical specifications, coordinating vendor selection processes, and continuing to provide guidance during deployment. With his deep technical knowledge combined with hands-on leadership abilities, Sandi continues to optimize the reliability, efficiency, and capabilities of critical systems.

Professional Skills​

Technology System Engineering
MEP Design & Surveyor
Implementation Technologist