Jeremy Berry

Hi, I'm Jeremy Berry.


Experienced business leader driving strategic initiatives, operational excellence and transformative change across the organization through executive presence, financial acumen and people leadership. I drive SG’s executive operations and sales strategies.

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Jeremy Berry is an experienced business leader with over 30 years of experience driving growth for major corporations. He has leveraged his expertise in relationship building, operational excellence and sales to help transform blue chip customers.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has served in high-level leadership roles, pioneering new initiatives to enhance business operations, customer relationships and sales performance. His core strengths include building cross-functional teams, optimizing processes and systems, and developing high-impact business strategies.

Recognized as a thought leader, Jeremy leads SG’s managerial staff, continuously seeking opportunities to build partnerships, maximize efficiency and accelerate growth.

Jeremy’s vision, collaboration skills and execution capabilities have been instrumental in spearheading organizational change. He is a transformative leader focused on engaging people, delivering results and shaping the future for his customers.

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