Branka Blagojevic

Hi, I'm Branka Blagojevic.

Branch Manager, Atlanta

Manager of technical facilities team located at our Atlanta offices. This includes our warehousing facilities, technical support and engineering groups. Oversees weekly reporting of sales initiatives, monitoring budgets / expenses, and ensuring excellence accross customer service. Passionate steward of leading customer success through relationship management and communications with the executive committee.

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Short Biography​

With over 17 years of accomplished experience in contracting services, Branka is a pivotal asset driving growth and operational excellence as Atlanta’s branch manager. Throughout her career, Branka has leveraged her analytical expertise to develop vital protocols, procedures, and reporting to guide executive decision making. Her discerning supervision and administrative talents strengthen financial oversight across all business functions.

A natural motivator, Branka started her career at SG during one of our most trialing times. She has helped build cohesive teams united by a shared vision of success. Her passion for mentoring empowers employees at all levels to achieve their full potential.

Fluency in Serbian and deep experience fostering international relationships enable Branka to expand our global footprint. She assists navigating overseas markets, forging lasting bonds with clients and partners abroad. In her current role, Branka draws on her multifaceted background to help align our warehousing, logistics, and engineering resources aiding in our ability to be a strategic partner to our customers. Her diverse capabilities and leadership acumen are integral as we scale beyond regionality. 

Professional Skills​

Relationship Management & Communications
Team Leadership
Customer Success